Wednesday, 18 August 2010


This is funny so I thought I'd put it up here, lol! It's interesting to see that even in a news room, there are jokers. Something tells me this was a well executed prank! Go BBC!

Wednesday, 19 May 2010


"We feel vulnerable, we feel insecure, we feel nervous, we feel fearful. But we've felt all those things before and if leave just because we feel those things, then we're doing everyone else in Zimbabwe a tremendous disservice. I think we have been put here for a purpose, and we must carry out that purpose for which we were put here."      - Ben Campbell    


Wednesday, 10 March 2010

I don't even have to say anthing...

...EXCEPT what you gonna do? what you gonna do when they come for you? 

Picture via @MutsaTakundwa, my sister who isn't on Twitter. Yet. 

Thursday, 7 January 2010

Extreme Weather?

I really do think people are overreacting though. I mean is a bit of snow really news worthy enough for hourly headline status? Ok I see you going all like "Ah but Chenai! Its COLD!" Yeah, well, either way I got my @$$ up this morning and took myself to school when I should be the one panicking about the snow! Just take a look at this:

Now look at this:

If you stayed home from school/work/didn't-deliver-BREAD-to-the-shop-down-the-road (you know, hypothetically) feel VERY ashamed of yourself!

Tuesday, 24 November 2009

A Haunting Prophesy

There was absolutely no way that Bob Marley could have known how events would unfold in Zimbabwe, and yet we see hauntingly accurate near-prophesies of what Zimbabweans are going through in his song entitled Zimbabwe.

The most obvious example of this would be the line "we'll have to fight ... for our rights". How true this is. Not only have Zimbabweans been fighting for their human rights in their own country, but they have also been fighting for their rights to work and live without fear of being deported in the Diaspora.

Another haunting line (I can't think of any other adjective that could describe it better) is found when Bob Marley sings "... to divide and rule could only tear us apart ..." Life in Zimbabwe has come to a point where its every man for himself. And so stand the age old adage, united we stand, divided we fall, as the government has taken advantage of this social condition and made the country lawless. This is especially evident in the number of loop holes leaked to the public then suddenly made illegal, laws made to suit individuals rather than the whole.

More, yes, HAUNTING and the most eerie phrases for me are "... we'll find out who is the real revolutionary ... I don't want my people to be tricked by mercenaries ...". This could be taken as a warning for who the Zimbabwean people blindly chose to lead them in 1987. We definitely found out who the real revolutionary was not, or rather who the real fake revolutionary was. It's a shame how Bob Marley's greatest fear for his "people" was fulfilled.

So begs the question, what do we do now? Bob Marley's song seems to give us quite a few suggestions. He sings, "... arm in arm, with arms ...", "... we come together to overcome the little trouble ...", "... we gonna fight ...", "... African's a-liberate Zimbabwe ...". The words that stand out the most to me are "... every man got a right to decide his own destiny ...". This fills me with hope, hope because if we believe, if we truly believe like Jed in Enduring Love believed, we unite and throw away all fear, inhibition, excuses, then a change will come.

I shall end this self-indulgent piece by quoting, "... Brother you're right, you're right, you're right, you're right, you're so right ..."

"Everyone can do their bit. Often we are overwhelmed when we see a big problem and we think, 'what can we do?'. I always say that the sea is made of little drops of water. If each person does their little bit where they are, then the little drops can become a vast ocean."  -Desmond Tutu. Taken from page 29 of Issue 33 of Live Magazine

C: Africa is potentially the richest continent on the planet. Do you feel we should be doing more to change the situation or do you think it is the job for politicians? 

JJC: We need to stand up and say we are Africans and make a change for ourselves. We cannot rely on politicians because, lets be honest, they are only looking out for themselves. There is so much wealth but, when I go back home I find that the house I used to live in has not changed, there are still no roads and things just seem to be getting worse. We need to get out of the slave mentality of accepting what we get. Politicians do not even invest in the youth. They are not thinking about the future so the future needs to take care of the itself.

"Yes we can!" -Barack Obama

"Do what you can." -Chenai Takundwa

Please note: I would not, in anyway, like to impose my opinion on any other person or persons. This piece is merely the ramblings of an inexperienced, ill-educated youth. It is merely a "self-indulgent" expression of my long pent up emotions. A rant, for want of a better word. Please do not take anything of what I have written as fact. 

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

I woke up this morning and for some strange reason, I thought I'd watch the news. I used to do this every morning but well, it got boring. I mean there was a time when breaking news was really exciting, now breaking news is how much money Tesco made this year. Seriously? Anyway that is not my reason for blogging today, maybe I'll get to that one next time. The reason for my blogging today (when I should be getting ready for school) is what you will find when you follow this link. Yup, I finally saw the little link icon that lets me do that! 
You ask what is it that I will find at the end of this link Chenai? And I will surely tell you! What you will find is a mistake, a mistake that I hope is made by Sky News itself because if not, then we should all be very afraid. I used to wonder why people in the west want to stay young forever while some of us can't wait for when we get to boss everyone around. I have now seen it as clear as day. "Elderly people are being given mistake!" MISTAKE!!! The report states "A combination of overworked staff, poor teamwork and lack of training all lead to mistakes with prescribing, dispensing and administration of medicene". How in the world is that an excuse! If you're tired, why give the poor person any medication at all! And "lack of training" is the scariest one of all these. How do you hire someone who isn't trained? How do they even get an interview? How do they even get onto the premises??? If this is what awaits me when I'm sixty, I think I'll pass. In fact you'll never know it because I will lie about my age, spend millions on botox, work till I'm eighty, ANYTHING but go there. Funny how this picture (below), which is supposed to be comforting, suddenly looks quite menacing...

Tuesday, 15 September 2009

I really think I deserved that award!

OMG!!! Did anyone watch the VMAs this weekend? Did Kanye literally walk up on stage, grab the mic from country music (as she never seemed to want us to forget) popstar Taylor Swift and blurt, "I really think Beyonce deserved that award!" Now Kanye I love your music man but seriously, is this what you do? I'm not quite sure I'm so crazy about Kanye the person anymore hey! Not only was that the meanest thing you could have ever done to Taylor, you made yourself look like a complete and utter IDJIOT!

And now I wonder is Miss B the mysterious girl you are always rapping and now even singing about?  To be honest I really don't understand what this was all about. Anyway I guess the spell that Beyonce casts on almost all of the male species does not elude the supernova rapstars of us!

Perhaps a joke? I hope it was because if it wasn't I am very concerned about your mental health and I hope that, as Russell Brand quite rightfully put, "Professional help is being sought!" Another thing about the VMA's, is it me or were Pink and Shakira wearing the SAME dress. No not similar or look alike, but the exact same dress! I mean don't famous people have designers or fashion gurus to give them a heads up about those kind of things? Well all I know is it was an issue for me to see someone wearing the same T-shirt as me even though she got on a bus that took her very far away, that messed up my whole day! Now imagine a WORLD famous music award show were there are MILLIONS of people watching and you climb of a firetruck wearing a dress that everyone's seen already. I just could not do that.

But I guess it all comes with the job. Once you become famous you become public property. The fact that I am saying whatever the hell I want about people I've never even met before in my life shows the extent of the ownership that I have by simply being a member of that public. You spend your whole life working, lets just say from the age of 6 (just randomly yeah?). You give everything you have, and the very world you sing for turns on you. You have fame, riches, a big car and a big house. For what? Is it worth it for on the day you die you become this idol to be bartered and haggered over in the market? What is it that we are chasing, only for it to once again dissapear like a fickle friend? I think I'd much rather be a homeless hoboe without a worry in the world than rich and empty.